Murdered uk soldiers family call for calm

Murdered uk soldiers family call for calm

After the killing, many people have blamed the Muslim extremist group.

Several media outlets in Malaysia have quoted anonymous government officials saying they had been told that the murder was in response to security forces shooting two militants after they opened fire.

But the Prime Minister’s spokesman told the official Anzac Day programme on Sunday that it is not true that any security forces fired upon the militants.

“I don’t understand when will we start talking about this. We will let the facts speak for themselves.”

A few days earlier, the Prime Minister’s Office said Mr Najib made a statement to a meeting of the parliamentary secretary for national defence that the attack on the soldie바카라rs was a result of a dispute.

The statement indicated there had been a dispute among those in charge of security in the area, but that it was a misunderstanding.

Mr Najib also said on Saturday that the military had taken the decision to “pursue justice”, after reports that a member the Indonesian military’s 11th Infantry Regiment had been killed by the same forces.

“I have confirmed that our army has opened a criminal case,” he told Indonesia’s ANP news agency.

Police initially confirmed two men had been killed in the operation, but later retracted their statement saying the two killed had been detained and were being interviewed by police investigating the incident.