Security tight for democratic convention

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The issue of gender and the use of violence in combat has dominated this week’s convention in Denver, which will mark Donald Trump’s candidacy’s first attempt to be heard by US voters since his election victory. The topic is an increasingly urgent issue for the Trump administration as it tries to govern a fractured country and shape the direction of immigration.

The Democratic party has made much of Sanders’ historic achievement in the primaries, saying his policies have won over millions of people across the country, from working-class and middle-class whites, to young and minorities, who have voted for candidates across many of the party’s traditional ideological axes. But the Sanders campaign is also now facing scrutiny from some quarters for its support for a long-standing issue in the Democratic party that does not have a large enough sample size to provide meaningful guidance.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Protesters at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. Photograph: Scott Eisen/AP

After Sanders said on Saturday that the Democratic party could use “a very broad, very progressive agenda”, the liberal blog Buzzfeed noted an apparent contradiction. “Not once in his campaign has Bernie Sanders proposed anything of this magnitude,” it reported. “Not once, in his eight years in the Senate, has he proposed anythin우리카지노g of this magnitude. Not once has he gone into the public debate and suggested an agenda that the Democratic party and its elites couldn’t support.

“Instead, he’s endorsed a platform of progressive entitlement pr바카라사이트ograms, where millions of our young people will still be paying, on average, $16,000 in student loan interest, a budget deficit that will hit the poorest 40% of Americans harder, and the biggest corporate giveaway of all: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, where massive profits from our trade deals will flow to corporations at the expense of our workers.”

Sanders endorsed the party platform during his campaign, and he has c우리카지노onsistently praised both Democrats and Republicans for their positions on such issues. But he now seems to be the only party to have endorsed any of Sanders’ proposals.

“Senator Sanders is a brilliant campaigner, and a friend of mine, and I commend his campaign for its extraordinary strength,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told the Guardian. But he added, “I understand that there are those who may be uncomfortable with that endorsement or not wanting to have their support for President Sanders in our party.”

The Democratic party has not yet taken up Sanders’ calls for a broad liberal agenda, including tuition-free community college and pai